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Meet The Executive Team

Blackrock Plastics SC, LLC
Jim Kevany - Blackrock Plastics

Jim Kevany

Director Of Operations

Jim has over 20 years of trading a wide range of commodities for major Wall Street Investment Banks in New York, such as Bear Stearns and Paine Webber.

Jim created Blackrock Plastics, LLC to fulfill the great need to assist manufacturers and recyclers alike in the further development and improvement of plastic recycling programs. Jim’s well developed shipping system has been able to transfer recycled plastics throughout the country quickly and efficiently.

In close to five years, Jim has grown warehouse capacity to reach 48 states. This has given Blackrock Plastics tremendous exposure with over 400 clients nationwide and still growing. Jim has always been a firm believer of putting his client’s interests first. Reach him at 843-410-0326 or

Bruce Blackrock Plastics

Bruce Bahlav

Vice President – Materials Procurement

Bruce has over 20 years of business development experience and has been with Blackrock Plastics for several years. Contact him or email him directly at 843-410-4147 or

Stephen Elliott

Purchasing Manager

Stephen is our purchasing manager with over 25 years of sales experience, working for several Fortune 500 companies. He brings a wealth of knowledge, both in business development and client retention. Reach him at 843-536-8685 or

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Our Clients Say

  • Blackrock pricing has ALWAYS been competitive and Bruce has done a terrific job delivering on his promises and helping our business maximize our recycling needs.
    Ron P.United States