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The Importance of Post Industrial Plastic Recycling

The resources of our world are finite, and as the population swells, there is more demand for products and with that demand, is more waste products, which fill our landfills.  Recycling is one way to turn these products into different, yet usable products, keeping more waste out of the landfills.  Plastics are one such product that can be recycled and plastic recycling is not only done by consumers, but it is done by businesses as well only on a larger scale.

With a big push for green products and for companies to be environmentally friendly, plastic recycling is becoming big business.  Recycling not only reduces the amount of waste material that enters landfills, but it also reduces carbon dioxide emissions and reduces oil usage.

How can recycling save on oil usage?  Simple, in order to manufacture plastic, it takes fossil oil because plastic is made up of petrochemicals, and the manufacturing process itself requires energy to produce.  By recycling the plastic, you are only using energy to clean, process and then transform them, which is still less energy than producing new plastic and the goods are just as durable and useful.

Plastic manufacturing not only produces waste materials but it also produces gases, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, chlorine dioxide and sulfur hexafluoride, all of which ends up in our atmosphere and our water.  Recycling reduces the emissions of those gases, resulting in less pollution and a cleaner planet.

Plastic is widely used because it is cheap to make, it is light and it is durable; which is why it is so heavily used in manufacturing.  However, as with any manufactured product, there is always going to be discarded material, plastics that are part of the manufacturing product but not part of the finished product.  Companies can choose to simply throw away this post industrial plastic, where it will languish in the landfills, or sell it to a recycling company, where the plastic will be processed and either recycled or re-sold to a company that manufactures using post-industrial plastics.

Businesses who end up with discarded plastic material can not only give themselves an eco-friendly reputation by selling their post industrial plastic waste, but they also help lower their own costs by doing so because the plastic is sold to the recycling company.

Post industrial plastics that are often sold for recycling are HDPE, PP, and ABS.  For every metric ton of ABS that is recycled, 2 metric tons of petroleum is saved.  30 yards of landfill space and over 650 gallons of oil will be saved by recycling only one ton of PP post industrial plastic products.  Over 7 metric tons of petroleum will be saved per every one ton of HDPE that is recycled.

If you want to do your part to helping clean up the earth and being environmentally friendly, Blackrock Plastics, LLC is the company for you.  We understand the post industrial plastics industry and we are able to buy and sell post industrial plastic.

What we will buy

  • PET/ Preforms/ No Barriers/ Mixed Colors
  • PET/Banding Material
  • HDPE/Purge/Mixed Color Regrind
  • PET/HIPS Post Industrial Plastic
  • PET/PP
  • Nylon 6/6 or 6/33% Glass Filled Mixed Color Regrind
  • LDPE/Parts/Purges/Film
  • Baled PP Supersacks
  • PMMA
  • Purgings
  • Off-Grade Materials from Manufacturing

We have cross –docking warehouses throughout the continental United States.  That means that when you call us to buy your post industrial plastics that we will be at your dock within 72 hours and we guarantee payment.  Customer service is our goal, which is why we have warehouses in 48 states.  Our clients know that we are here to assist them with all of their plastic recycling needs, and we would love to be able to help you as well.

At Blackrock Plastics, we know that your time is money and we are dedicated to helping you quickly and efficiently.  No matter if you are ready to buy or sell, please contact us today.

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