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Industrial Plastic Recycling

We Buy, Sell, & Recycle Industrial Plastic Scrap
Industrial Plastic Recycling

Blackrock Plastics specializes in the procurement of industrial plastic scrap for recycling and re-purposing that industrial plastic back through the manufacturing supply chain. We use state of the art recycling processes to keep plastic scrap out of landfills and turn that waste stream into a profit center. Likewise, we can supply toy, tech, and packaging manufacturers with environmentally friendly recycled plastic for their production needs at a lower cost than brand new industrial plastics.

If your company has a surplus of industrial plastic scrap or is in need of recycled industrial plastic, we encourage you to contact us today. It is our goal to earn your business starting with your very first contact.

Our Industrial Plastic Services

We prepare plastic formulations by mixing and/or blending plastic polymers and additives while in a molten form.

We compress and molding industrial plastic scrap into small plastic pellets.

We can grind industrial plastics into different sizes for any manufacturing project or application.

We can cut up sheets of plastic or any form of industrial plastic scrap to fit into gaylords or supersacks for easy transport.

What We Do

Our Industrial Plastic Recycling Logistics

  • Gaylord Exchanges: We offer exchangeable gaylords to replace your currently gaylords.
  • Truck Drops: We can drop a truck for a week, month, or until its loaded…saving space in your warehouse.
  • Balers: We can provide Balers for film and plastic parts.
  • Trucking: We have trucking in all 48 states and can be at your business within 72 hours.
  • Cross-Docking: We have warehouses in all 48 states that can store material if you need it out fast.

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