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Sell Post Industrial Plastic Scrap

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Industrial Plastic Barrels For Sale

We purchase all forms of post industrial plastic scrap. Simply fill out the below contact form (or call us at 843-410-4147), and it will be sent directly to the owners and director of sales desks. You will then be contacted by one of our sales reps, who will ask you to provide pictures of your material and a few other detailed questions. Our sales representative will then consult with the purchasing department and have a quote to you within a day.

As always, we will try to match or beat any competitor pricing while delivering excellent service and response time.

Our Clients Say

  • Blackrock has always stood behind everything they say. Reliable and consistent delivery has been the benchmark of their services. Thanks!
    Mike M.United States

If You Have 20,000+ Pounds Of Industrial Plastic Scrap

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Some Plastics We Purchase

  • LDPE
  • PVC
  • HDPE
  • PMMA
  • TPU
  • PP
  • And More…

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